Welcome to Design Cypher

Welcome to Design Cypher

What is Design Cypher?

Welcome to Design Cypher. The name may be cryptic, but we’re not. Design Cypher is a collective of graphic design, marketing, advertising, and photography professionals who join forces to help brands and businesses create kickass original content. Our goal is to help clients find their story and tell it effectively. 

We are interested in working with those that have a unique business, brand, or service–or are simply interested in marketing yourself in an original way. We particularly love projects with craftsmen, DIY makers, and brands with a connection to the Southeast.

Each of us work as an independent freelancer, but when we join forces as Design Cypher, the results are better and stronger than any one individual alone. We’re like the mighty robot lions coming together to form Voltron.

The Origin Story

Design Cypher, at its core, is built on friendships. The bonds that hold the team together: a shared diet of punk rock, hip-hop, and comic books, as well as a mutual love for exploring the South Carolina lowcountry by bike, boat, and skateboard.

When you need assistance on a project, you call on your friends. Need professional photography or video for a project? SEO and quality writing? Memorable design or results-driven marketing? With different backgrounds, areas of expertise, and strengths, we began to rely on each other for assistance on projects we each were working on independently.

It only made sense to put a ring on it and make it official. Thus, the birth of Design Cypher.

The Future is Unwritten

Design Cypher creates things that excite us and our clients. Currently, we have a few works-in-progress that we all have a hand in. It’s been a blast to collaborate, and we are stoked to share some of the unique stories on the site in the near future. 

With this blog we’ll explore our interests, passions, and inspirations as they relate to storytelling, design, and marketing. It will also be a place to share some behind-the-scenes and process work.

Stay up-to-date with Design Cypher on social media: we’re @thedesigncypher.