The Importance of a Strong Online Presence During These Uncertain Times

The Importance of a Strong Online Presence During These Uncertain Times

When was the last time you looked up a business only to find a phone number and address online, and no other real information? You call the number and get no answer and no voicemail. Has this business closed for good? Changed their hours maybe? Under new ownership? It is tough to tell. In today’s society, keeping a strong online presence for your business is key. It is the best way to communicate with not only your local community, but internationally as well. A strong online presence can benefit your business in so many ways.

Instant Updating of Hours and Closings or Re-openings

It is extremely important that your existing and potential clients have access to up-to-date information on the status of your business. The best way to communicate this information is through online sources, such as GMB, social media and your website. During this pandemic, almost every business has been forced to modify the way that they operate in some way.

Updating this information online saves you time on the phone, as well as with clients if you are able to meet face to face. It will in some cases be the deciding factor as to whether or not you earn the client’s business. A simple “We are now open Monday-Friday, 9-5,” on your website will go a long way! If your business does not have a storefront, you can simply make sure that your contact information is current. Also, you need to have been active online to let clients know that you are open for business. Once you establish a presence, it is easy to keep your clients updated!

Clearly Communicating Your Services

Another benefit to having a strong online presence is being able to clearly state the services that your business provides, and easily answer questions about what you offer. This can be updated anytime, anywhere. It can be set up as an online contact form where your potential client provides information which will help you, as the business owner, better serve them, and answer any questions that  they may have, in order to speed up the service process. You can also simply share the link to your website or social media with a client so that they may take a look at what you offer at their leisure. The possibilities are endless!

A Sign of the Times

There is a small group of people who still rely on phone books to find contact information for individuals and businesses. The vast majority will grab their phone or jump on their computer to look up this information. Businesses must have some type of web presence to stay relevant. As we navigate through this pandemic, we are finding that it is increasingly important for businesses of all sizes to build and maintain a strong online presence and be as efficient as possible. If you need any assistance, Design Cypher offers a full range of services to keep your business at the forefront during these trying times.