At Design Cypher, we begin the writing process old-school: a sharp No. 2 and a legal pad. First is understanding what you or your brand is about, what you value, what you offer, and who your market is. From there, we combine market research and experimentation, finding the best words to communicate your message in an honest and authentic way.

No one wants stale copy and useless fluff. The quality of writing — the message, tone, style and even grammatical correctness — can make or break your brand. It can invite audiences and produce new leads or turn them away immediately. At Design Cypher, we take the creative writer’s approach to voice, adapting a style and tone that fits your story.

Our clients’ audiences are inundated with marketing copy everyday, and the average reader is looking to be stopped mid-scroll to be both informed and entertained. From website writing and advertising copy to branded content features and social feeds, our goal is to write things people want to read.