Advertising, Identity, and Graphic Design

At Design Cypher, we combine visual flare with strong marketing techniques. Gig posters, product design, branding manuals, identity marks, advertising campaigns – BOOM, we do it.

We see design elements that others don’t, always connecting the details to the larger story. In doing so, we get our clients to become involved with the storytelling techniques. Each design elements brings an added layer to the story, a way to distinguish our clients from the commonplace mediocrity. We uncover the perfect paper samples, folding techniques, print process, font choice, and various other elements of design to communicate our clients’ brands.

From the initial presentation of graphics and establishing both a visual and verbal tone, to determining a product’s position in the marketplace – Advertising Design is just one of many storytelling arrows in Design Cypher’s quiver.


Together, we’ll boost your loyalty, recognition, and credibility through consistent branding.

Web Design & Development

Your online presence is non-negotiable in today’s world. Our team will make it as accessible, aesthetic, and profitable as possible.

Motion Graphics & Video Editing

Poetry in motion. Visual storytelling. Whatever you call it, our visual marketing will give you a sleeker public image.

Campaign & Marketing

Advertising Design is one of many storytelling arrows in Design Cypher’s quiver. We cover it all, from first graphics and visual and verbal tones to finding your product’s position in the marketplace. Precise, actionable plans to get your business rolling. The art of effective communication between business and client is our bread and butter.


Evaluate, Research & Evolve Your Brand. Eye-catching, compelling packaging to make the best first impression.

Grow Your Social Reach

Not sure who your target audience is? Have them pegged, but not sure how to reach them? Either way, we’ll elevate your presence and get more people in the loop.