A Clear View

A Clear View

A while back, Design Cypher was tasked with helping a company that has been around in some form or fashion since 1938 make headway into the world wide web. This company has built a solid reputation around Myrtle Beach over the years by sheer word of mouth and quality of work. Their work ethic and attention to detail really resonated with the Design Cypher crew, and we wanted to help make sure they are around for the next fifty years, a Mom and Pop shop competing with big businesses in a competitive market.

Seeing Clearly

Tim Wilson’s Glass Services has built a business around quality work, quality service, and trust. They have been doing quality glass repair work on cars, homes, and RV’s in the Myrtle Beach area for decades. During those years they have made connections and clients that have turned into friends. These friends are the backbone of business. They help spread the gospel of the dedication that Tim and Dena Wilson have put into the business for so many years.

You don’t succeed in today’s market without understanding that the key to success is adapting to big market changes. Seeing national competition coming into the Grand Strand, Mr. Wilson reached out to us looking for some help in building a clear online identity and presence for his business. Given the number of online services available to businesses, it’s a daunting task for someone that has never had a web presence before.

The Plan

After spending sometime with Tim and Dena, discussing their needs, thoughts, insecurities and overall business goals, Design Cypher determined it was best to start small. We devised a plan to help them take charge of the digital life and online repetition. Basic ideas, such as claiming their business on Google, were first up. We continued to expand the online presence of Tim Wilson’s Glass Services by connecting with “friends” through their social media channels. It was imperative that this new digital world engulf the same business principals that Tim Wilson’s Glass has been practicing since the beginning.

Over the short time that we have been working with Tim Wilson’s Glass Services, we have launched a website that encompasses the passion of a family business as well as their down-to-earth vintage style. The site visually links the past with the present through a series of photos and styles, visually communicating the generations of hard work and service that this family business has delivered to the Myrtle Beach area, but with a clean and modern look that is eye-catching and easy to navigate. We’re just as excited as they are for what the future brings.

You can keep up with Tim Wilson’s Glass Services thorough their social media channels: